May 1, 2009

Collaboration Saves Time and Money

I came across a great article called “Tips for Improving Product Development” in which the author, quoting from a recent report by the Aberdeen Group, explains the top three actions a company can take to better manage the product development process. The three actions are: standardize the process for approving and releasing product designs to manufacturing, centralize access to product design data, and engage all project stakeholders in the change approval process.

I want to focus on the last two actions which, I believe, emerge from organizations that reward collaboration across the product development process. If there is collaboration within an organization, than there
would need to be centralized access to product design data for all teams to access. A true collaborative organization creates multifunctional teams in which at least one member from each product development group would have to be part of the change approval process. By embracing collaboration between all groups in product development an organization will accelerate the product development process, saving precious time and money.

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