March 11, 2009

A Better Toothpaste Tube?

Designers around the world pride themselves on finding needs and solving problems, but designers are not the only ones who can perform these tasks. Susan Bell, a nurse in the U.K., recognized a need when she saw patients struggling to get the last bit of cream out of expensive medications, and decided to build a better tube. She started the company Butterfly Technology and has produced working prototypes of a tube that easily dispenses all the product inside of it.

This new innovative tube technology can boost the Triple Bottom Line for any manufacturer who incorporates it into their products. This new technology will help people by making sure no product inside the tube goes to waste, for every little bit counts. Since all the product inside the tube is used--the tube itself is easier to recycle, which helps the environment. It is a cost effective technology that will not add much to the first cost of the product being produced, keeping healthy margins for the manufacturer. This is the type of new technology that design teams around the world should be seeking and incorporating into their manufacturing process creating better products for people, the planet and profit.

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