March 9, 2009

Lunar's Field Guide to Sustainability

Last summer the Lunar Elements Team, from Lunar Design, unveiled "The Designer's Field Guide to Sustainability", a tool to help engineers and designers design their products more sustainably. The Guide forms a kind of checklist for a product development team to use, making sure certain eco-design issues, like designing packaging at the same time as designing the product (see "Redesigning Packaging" below), are considered.

The Lunar Elements Team acknowledges that designing an eco-friendly product for the marketplace is a very complex job, and describes the Guide as only a beginning. If these considerations are consistently pondered in the product development process, individual designers and engineers will constantly be thinking about new solutions to the enviromental problems that come along with production and distribution. With time, design teams will gain confidence in their ability to design around these problems and create truly enviromentally-friendly products.

Click Here to download a copy of "The Designer's Field Guide to Sustainability"

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